As reviewed in ThreeWeeks 15.8.05

I didn't actually notice the exhibition at first. When you go in, although all the fabulous hats already on display to buy will no doubt distract your attention, look up. On the shelves surrounding the shop are the hats designed for this exhibition, and they're certainly different to those below. Different material for one - I doubt a wire fascinator would do for keeping your head dry. This is because the designs explore the structure of the hats themselves, rather than their practical use. They serve as an artistic representation of the hat making process. I know that sounds really pretentious, but it's not, honestly- it's really interesting to see. If you like your headgear, go and look up. [el]

Fabhatrix, 31 Jul - 3 Sep, 10.00am-8.00pm (some dates and sun noon- 6.00pm ), free.