'Broken Threads'

Edinburgh Fringe Festival Exhibition 2007

Aug 5 - Sept 1
Fabhatrix, 13 Cowgatehead, Edinburgh EH1
tel 0131 225 9222

During the Edinburgh Festival we will be hosting our own special exhibition in the shop. Come along and see. Edinburgh milliners, Fawns Reid and Rosy Naylor have made some new collections which explore the recycled material in modern millinery.

Fawns Reid's collection explores the rich tattered texture of tartan and tweed. Using a combination of traditional hat shapes with recycled materials we see some exaggerated and eccentric takes on many classical Scottish head forms. Cast-off materials, blunted, broken, turned into bonnets beyond recognition.

Rosy Naylor's collection is the result of a process of random over-sewing. She explores the line between the unfinished and the finished, using materials from charity shops and thing collected from her past, creating a series of 'head fragments'. Discarded dresses, headscarves and mens ties. An evocative collection, each piece telling its own story. For more about Rosy's work click here