contemporary millinery design

06.08.06 - 02.09.06
private view 05.08.06 7-9pm

A selling exhibition that explores ideas of the Orient. It shows new compelling work by Fawns Reid + Rosy Naylor (two of Edinburgh's leading hatmakers) and Morag Macpherson (Glasgow based textile designer). The exhibition takes us on a journey through modern hatmaking and textile design with a series of hats and shrugs, revealing orientations towards Russian Constructivism and Imperial India.

Fawns' collection draws on the lush and evocative colour of India. Her pieces contain a vintage quality suggesting at an Imperial and treasured past. They use decorative fabrics, intricate beading, and hooping that symbolise in various forms, Asian culture. Her collection ranges from a hat made out of a map of India, to a life sized sacred cow hat, and other organic forms that draw on the intense patten of vibrant India.

Rosy's collection is inspired by a fascination with Old Russia, the Russian avant garde and the Constructivist art movement of the 20s. Rosy has made a series of men's and women's hats that explore ideas of the 'Art of Order' that epitomised this art period. Many use Russian words as a form of geometric design for the hat, which translate into words like 'cover', 'voice', 'underneath' and 'hide'. The men's hats draw on a Soviet past in an ironical way.

Rosy has also collaborated with textile designer and founder of Global Guru, Morag Macpherson, in the creation of some 'Russian Revolution' style silk printed shrugs that the compliment the women's range, all designed with a Constructivist theme.