About our workshop

Our hats are made the deftness that flows from the ease of the practiced hand.

The Fabhatrix workshop is located in the basement of our shop. There is no shorter journey from manufacture to shop floor (13 steps!). Having our workshop so close to our shop floor we are more in tune with our customers needs are and what they want. Having interaction with our customers and seeing them trying them on  we can evolve our designs to what our customers like.
We are passionate about using high quality and locally sourced materials. We have a range of over 260 scottish tweeds including a wide range of beautiful hand woven harris tweeds. These are used to trim soft felt hats and create a wide range of soft tweed hats. We mainly used old, recycled and vintage buttons brooches and trims to give the products their truly unique feel. Our fabulous feather collection is very diverse ranging from an inch to 2ft. All our feathers are responsibility sourced. We use 40 dyes that we can mix together to get an unbelievable array of colours. It is very difficult to mix the same colour twice.  It is definitely a dyers art rather than science.
Our milliners are always working on new designs and developing our current styles. We have now developed 53 patterns and templates. We have collected and made a range of hat blocks to steam and mould our beautiful hats. Not forgetting our hat stretcher which we could not exist without!
As there are only two milliners collaborating together stocking the shop and preparing special orders in a small workshop we can not offer classes, visits or workshops.